Top 10 IPhone/ IPod Touch Games

By | June 29, 2017

Top 10 iPhone/ iPod Touch Games
1. N.O.V.A.
Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. is the addicting first-person shooter similar to Halo. IGN gives the game a 9/10, awarding it the title of Best iPod Game of 2009. Controls are user friendly and seamless. Shooting up aliens with a wide arsenal of weapons such as sniper rifles and laser cannons on an iPhone has never better. N.O.V.A. even has multiplayer in fight to the death fests. Single player mode takes several hours to beat. Gameloft included a fight-to-the-death multiplayer mode, offering novelty and hours of enjoyment. N.O.V.A. is seamless, beautiful, and above all, fun.

2. Pocket God
Ever wanted to be god for a day? Pocket god lets you control the lives of six unfortunate lemming-like creatures. The best thing about Pocket God is the customizability. Would you like your creatures to die by lightning strike, shark attack, tornado, volcano eruption, or drowning? Would you rather have bird poop or a coconut fall on their heads? Would you prefer a desert island, spooky graveyard, or arctic tundra? With over 30 episodes and many more options, pocket god is a casual game that amuses for hours.

3. Paper Toss
Tossing a paper ball into a trashcan is addicting as crack. Backflip studios fully utilizes the touch screen in this simple game. 3 difficulty modes and 5 environments ensure variety to your free drug of choice.

4. The Deep Pinball
Like that pinball game that comes on your PC, only really good. The Deep Pinball is a casual game brings you back to childhood, or just to your office where you waste time playing PC pinball.

5. Labyrinth 3D
Tilt, tumble, and scream. Utilizing the motion sensing capabilities of the iPhone, Labyrinth 3D is like most mazes, only way more frustrating and way more fun.

6. TapDefense
Throw, explode, and otherwise annihilate stick figures before they invade your castle and steal whatever it is that they are after? A fair maiden? Your chocolate stache? Whatever. Defend it!

7. Fastlane
Turn on the nos as you race past cars using your iPhone’s tilt-sensitive accelerometer. Hours of endless fun awaits as you race, crash, and earn more tracks and more cars.

8. iStunt
Snowboard your way through dozens of levels using both the touch and tilt capabilities of your iPhone. Be careful though, falling starts the level over entirely and furthers your addiction to your iPhone.

9. Mr. AaahH!!
If George of the Jungle, stick figures, and lawn darts all collaborated to make a game, it would be Mr. AaahH!! Swing through the air and try to reach small platforms while adjusting to changes in wind and gravity.

10. iBowl
Simple. You bowl. Touch the screen, reach back, pull forward, follow through, and bowl yourself a strike! Like Wii bowling, but portable.